Magical Wooden Puzzles by YourWorldMap

Our unique puzzles come in 3 different collecions - Animals, Countries and Christmas. All of these wooden puzzles conist of charming and highly coveted pieces that add a delightful dimension to your puzzling experience. Be creative, think outside the box and let your imagination run wild!

You and your family will remember this thoughtful design.

We're at the forefront edge of jigsaw puzzle technology here at YourWorldMap. To create the most lasting Basswood jigsaw puzzles free of dust marks and impurities, we employ state-of-the-art high precision lasers and high-quality sophisticated 3D printing. The wood used in our great products is obtained from sustainable sources, and most of our jigsaw puzzles creation requires sophisticated hand-on methods.

Our team of jigsaw puzzle professionals carefully plans and designs EVERY SINGLE component of our unique custom puzzles, from the colour to the substance. We at YourWorldMap are totally committed to ensuring that you receive a high-quality product that you will enjoy for years to come and pass down through generations.

Great fun for kids and their parents

Puzzles are one of those rare games that is both entertaining and educational! Puzzles are excellent for improving cognitive capacity, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, problem-solving abilities, shape recognition abilities, memory, and task completion abilities. Puzzles are ideal for strengthening bonds with others and generating a happy atmosphere. Puzzles are one of those rare games that never go out of style and are ideal for spending time with friends and family.

For ages, people have loved solving puzzles in a variety of settings. We wish to maintain that strong and proud culture while adding a new and unique touch to our products, making them relevant and enjoyable for all ages!

“When you have tried a premium YourWorldMap puzzle, no other jigsaw will ever be able to compare.”

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With love and best regards, YourWorldMap.

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