Our unique 3D Wooden World Map

This fascinating 3D Wooden World Map brings to life the spectacular exploration of each and every country, state, and territory. The sophisticated 3D design enables a more immersive journey across all of the world's most fascinating lands. Your family, friends, and guests will remember about their travels to other countries while discussing their ambitions to go to locations they have yet to see. Nothing surpasses the interest of individuals who are fascinated by the huge world we live in.

Delivering the best-quality 3D wall maps since 2018!

We are a Latvian family business that makes handcrafted and one-of-a-kind wooden accessories. Since 2018, our goal has been to create one-of-a-kind, customizable products of the highest quality to adorn your homes, offices, and lives. It gives us great pleasure to create the highest quality and most creative 3D Wooden World Wall Arts for you. As a result, you don't have to be concerned about replacements, refunds, or your spoiled mood.

Engaging piece of decor that connects people around the globe

Do you enjoy going on adventures and seeing new places around the world?
Keeping your enthusiasm alive and displaying our unique 3D Wooden World Map on the front wall of your home will make you feel like a full-time traveller. Every time you look at the 3D Wall Map, you'll be reminded of many of the wonderful vacations you had with your loved ones in other countries. Furthermore, having a 3D map in your close reach will keep you encouraged to travel and explore our wonderful world even more!

It gives the impression to all of your visitors that you have a more open attitude towards cultures and traveling. Your admiration for well created art decor may also be shown through our 3D Wooden World Map. With just one glimpse at this 3D wooden globe map, you'll be able to have long and interesting discussions about different cultures and lands which will only strengthen connection with your loved ones.

You can choose between 4 sizes and 3 different types!

And you can also choose the size of the Laser Cut 3D Wooden World Map that will fit your wall perfectly: 

S - (150x90 cm) (59x35 inches)
M - (200x120 cm) (79x47 inches)
L - (250x145 cm) (98x57 inches)
XL - (300x170 cm) (118x70 inches)
Thickness - 5 mm (0,19.6 inches)

Easy and Fun to Install

 With love and best regards, YourWorldMap.

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